Dispelling Online Blackjack Myths – Episode 3

Last week, we discussed the dangers of falling into the Martingale Trap and we also briefly looked at whether a Duece or an Ace was a better card for the Dealer.

This week, I’ll attempt to dispel the common Blackjack myths that you should never double 11 against Dealer picture cards and that you should never Surrender your hand.

Myth: You should never double with 11 vs. a Dealer picture card.

As we’ve discussed in previous articles, being a successful online Blackjack player is all about maximizing wins and minimizing losses. I’ll be the first to admit that doubling with 11 against a Dealer picture or Ten is scary, you simply

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must always double 11 against a Dealer picture card as, over the long run, you’ll win more by making this bet as opposed to just hitting.

Jonny’s Online Blackjack Rule 4: Always double 11 against all Dealer cards except for a Dealer Ace and, even then, you should double if the Dealer peeks and doesn’t have Blackjack.

Myth: You should never Surrender your hand. Surrendering is a weak play.

When you Surrender, you forfeit half your wager in exchange for getting half back. If you Surrender, you don’t risk losing the full amount of your initial wager. There are some times when it’s a good deal, if you know when to do it correctly.

Not all online casinos offer Surrender as an option. However, in a multiple-deck game in which the Dealer stands on all 17’s, if Surrender is offered, you should generally surrender if you area allowed to do so according to the following rules:

If the dealer is showing an Ace – surrender hard 14, 15 and 16.

If the dealer is showing a picture card or Ten – surrender hard 14, 15 and 16.

If the dealer is showing a 9 – surrender hard 16.

Jonny’s Online Blackjack Rule 5: Surrendering is not a weak play if it’s done at the right time.

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