Change In French Laws To Expand European Online Gambling

Licensed and legal internet gambling is coming soon to France. The French Government announced Wednesday that it will break the long standing government monopoly on gambling and is set to license and tax new gambling halls and online casinos.

Budget minister Eric Woerth detailed the new plan on Wednesday: “Rather than banning 25,000 Web sites, we’d rather give licenses to those who will respect public and social order”.

Increased respect for public and social order will not be the only benefits of the new plan. The French government, which

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previously held a total monopoly on legal gambling in the country, will levy a tax of 7.5% on internet casino revenues. Online poker rooms will be taxed at 2%. Woerth has stated that, last year alone, illegal gambling websites generated over €7 billion in France.

The plan comes in response to a 2 year old European Union demand that France put an end to state gambling monopolies in order to comply with EU competition laws.

This about face by one of Europe’s largest economies will likely affect online gambling laws across the continent. Players should expect revitalization, growth and increased accountability in the gaming industry as online gambling is accepted into the mainstream. But in the mean time, make sure to read Casino.Pokernews.Com’s Trusted Online Casino Reviews to ensure you receive the best deals and bonuses at the internet’s finest casinos!

Dispelling Online Blackjack Myths – Episode 3

Last week, we discussed the dangers of falling into the Martingale Trap and we also briefly looked at whether a Duece or an Ace was a better card for the Dealer.

This week, I’ll attempt to dispel the common Blackjack myths that you should never double 11 against Dealer picture cards and that you should never Surrender your hand.

Myth: You should never double with 11 vs. a Dealer picture card.

As we’ve discussed in previous articles, being a successful online Blackjack player is all about maximizing wins and minimizing losses. I’ll be the first to admit that doubling with 11 against a Dealer picture or Ten is scary, you simply

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must always double 11 against a Dealer picture card as, over the long run, you’ll win more by making this bet as opposed to just hitting.

Jonny’s Online Blackjack Rule 4: Always double 11 against all Dealer cards except for a Dealer Ace and, even then, you should double if the Dealer peeks and doesn’t have Blackjack.

Myth: You should never Surrender your hand. Surrendering is a weak play.

When you Surrender, you forfeit half your wager in exchange for getting half back. If you Surrender, you don’t risk losing the full amount of your initial wager. There are some times when it’s a good deal, if you know when to do it correctly.

Not all online casinos offer Surrender as an option. However, in a multiple-deck game in which the Dealer stands on all 17’s, if Surrender is offered, you should generally surrender if you area allowed to do so according to the following rules:

If the dealer is showing an Ace – surrender hard 14, 15 and 16.

If the dealer is showing a picture card or Ten – surrender hard 14, 15 and 16.

If the dealer is showing a 9 – surrender hard 16.

Jonny’s Online Blackjack Rule 5: Surrendering is not a weak play if it’s done at the right time.

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Casino-on-Net 888 Releases New Lifestyle Magazine

Casino-on-Net 888 has entered the world of publishing with their latest project – a brand new lifestyle magazine, titled ‘Eight’.

All current account holders at Casino-on-Net 888 will receive a free copy of this magazine, which will be published bi-yearly at this stage.

The first issue has interviews with actor Ray Winstone, Sir Alan Sugar and snooker legend Ronnie O’Sullivan among others. The magazine will bring together an varied mix of interesting stories including reviews of new gadgets, film reviews and articles such as what to do in Vegas for first-time visitors.

Of course, there will be a number of promotions and prize competitions

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included with each issue.

If you don’t want to wait for the print version to appear in your mailbox, you can read the magazine online at the Casino-on-Net 888 website.

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eCOGRA to Conduct Online Casino Player Study

The largest online casino ‘watchdog’ in the industry, eCOGRA (e-Commerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance), has recently announced that it will conduct one of the world’s largest-ever online gambling research projects. eCOGRA aims to better understand the online casino player’s perspective of the industry.

eCOGRA will conduct their study via the internet. 20,000 people will be interviewed by eCOGRA teams from the University of Las Vegas and Nottingham Trent University in the United Kingdom. Players surveyed will be asked questions which will target the issues of fair gaming, operator conduct and customer service standards.

Player demographics and statistics will also be a Prestige

valuable result of this study. The impact of gambling on players’ well-being is another issue that the eCOGRA teams will be interested in studying. There are plans to differentiate between online poker and online casino players.

Andrew Beveridge, the CEO of eCOGRA, said: “‘This is the first attempt by the industry to engage customers and understand what motivates them. The global reach of online gambling has until now been a prohibitive factor in conducting a study of this nature. The results should provide input into regulatory decisions, operator conduct and even software design.”

eCOGRA claims to be the independent standards authority of the online gaming industry. Their goals are to oversee fair gaming, protect players from dubious operators and ensure responsible operator conduct.

They way they attempt to achieve the above goals is through assigning their eCOGRA ‘Play It Safe’ Seal of Approval to online gaming operators who fulfill the stringent procedures required to earn the Seal. Players who have problems with online gaming platforms that carry the Seal are able to access a fast and free player dispute and mediation service and a Fair Gaming Advocate, both accessible on the eCOGRA site.

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